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Where to Shop to Know Your Source

A few short years ago the term “eco-friendly” was new and if you chose to lead an eco-conscious or sustainable yet stylish life, it was slim pickings. Oh, how things have changed. These days consumers are more curious and desperate to know as much as they can prior to making purchases than ever before, and companies new and old are catching on. From big box heavy weights like H&M to Silicon Valley fashion start-ups everyone wants a piece of the eco-friendly pie. How can you be sure you know your source, where your clothes come from, and if the person who made them is working in safe environment by western standards? You can’t always know for sure but these companies are setting out to change that all while giving you everything you could ever want – and more – in your clothes. Impossible, you say? We thought so too so we tested a few out and shared our favourites.

Where to Shop to Know Your Source


This company kicks the notion of “investing” in basics to the curb. Because they’ve cut out the middle man (retail) they are able to offer gorgeous silks, durable cottons, and quality leathers for a fraction of what we would normally pay. Not only that, Everlane believes in radical transparency and shares the story behind each factory they work with (they have them all over the world since they source the absolute best fabrics and people in their crafts to bring you utmost quality at realistic prices). They believe knowledge is power and encourage you to always ask questions as a consumer.


We’ve all doled out or at least considered spending a couple hundred dollars for a good pair of jeans. Like Everlane, DTSLD cuts out the middle man (retail) to give the customer (you) supreme quality denim at an affordable price. Working with some of the best facilities that also produce many of today’s top designers, DSTLD pride themselves not only on their quality but also on their sustainable labour practices. Plus, their fit is to die for.

Warby Parker

WP started out on the premise that eyewear shouldn’t be so expensive. It should be simple, fun, and leave you with money in your pocket to do all the cool stuff you want to do. They challenged the norm and decided to come up with a sustainable business framework that  also solves a big problem. They work with non-profits like VisionSpring to bring corrective eyewear to those in need with their buy one, give one model. Lastly, and with no less importance, they work with Verité to ensure safe working environments that perpetuate happy and healthy employees.

Honorable mentions

We haven’t personally experienced these companies or their products but they are on our list and we think are definitely worth looking into: Cuyana, Ayr, Bonobos, Maison Standards, and Zady.

Know of any that we haven’t mentioned? Start a conversation and share with us via Twitter with the hashtag #KnowYourSource. 

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