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Stephanie Nicora Nicora Shoes

Sustainable Style Story || Stephanie Nicora

Sustainable Style Tips from NICORA Shoes Founder, Stephanie Nicora.

Promoting sustainable clothing choices has always been a huge part of the Stylust mission, so when the opportunity to work with Sica Schmitz of Bead and Reel came to us, we knew it was meant to be. We decided to partner with the ethical boutique to style looks with women who are aiming to perpetuate the ethical fashion movement, like Stephanie Nicora of Nicora Shoes.
DSC_0445_withoutsign Stephanie is a third-generation shoe maker and her namesake company creates ethical footwear right here in Los Angeles. Made in America, high quality, and good to mother earth? We almost didn’t believe it! We had the chance to shoot this amazing editorial with Stephanie and to ask her more about what sustainability means to her and what advice she has for us on how to introduce it in our lives.

DSC_0443 What does the word “sustainable” mean to you and how do you integrate it into your wardrobe?

On a spiritual level, the word sustainable means making decisions with a worldview that desires a full and healthy life for both our world and its inhabitants. Applying the sustainable minded lifestyle to fashion, means making purchases that truly make you happy and will have longevity in your wardrobe and also choosing items that were created with love using harm free processes.

DSC_0379 Tell us a little about your style journey: when did you decide to go vegan/Eco-friendly/fair trade/made-in-America in your closet and what troubles did you face?

When I began my sustainable brand NICORA, I invested hours upon hours of research into the footwear industry and materials sourcing. This was the first time I came face to face with the environmental destruction, inhumane farming practices and human exploitation. It was really too overwhelming to ignore. I vowed to never create a product or knowingly purchase a product that contributed to pain in anyway… whether that be towards the planet, an animal or a human. Fashion is not worth pain and suffering, there is a better way. I recommend we all reduce our karmic fashion footprints. It will change the world.

What is your style mantra?

Simplicity and personality are not mutually exclusive

What advice do you have for those who are interested in starting to introduce more sustainable options into their lives?

Today the fashion industry is the most environmentally, socially and morally dysfunctional industry in the world. Choosing to purchase from smaller ethical brands, will not only improve the quality of your wardrobe – but you will make a visible impact on the planet. Also try vintage if you are on a tight budget and save your money for new key pieces.

DSC_0369 What do you think is the biggest misconception about ethical fashion and how can people help change it?

In my industry,Vegan footwear. Our biggest issue is the misconception that “vegan” is synonymous with “Eco.” Unfortunately this is not the case with larger corporations trying to capitalize on the vegan market. Avoiding the purchase of fast fashion, cheap vegan shoes is the best way to proceed. If cash is an issue now, save your pennies for key pieces and shop second-hand, (recycled fashion).

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