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Stylust DIY || Macrame Plant Hanger


All you need

Cotton macrame cord (we used 32 ply)
Nylon macrame cord (or embroidery thread)
E6000 or a strong adhesive (optional)
Key ring

All you do

Cut 4 pieces of cotton macrame cord about four or five feet long. Fold them in half.
Loop them through your keyring and tie a knot.
Separate your knotted cord in sets of two.
Begin tying your sets of two into knots until you have four knots (photo #4).
A few inches down, tie another four knots connecting each set of knots to the next set.
You should now have two sets of knots and when you open them up and lay them flat they should form a square.
A couple inches from the last set of knots tie your last set of knots and be sure to make them a bit closer than you did the last set.
Gather all your cords together and tie one big final knot This is the knot your pot will sit on.
Then for your wrapping detail, tie a simple knot and begin wrapping your coloured macrame cord around all of the cotton strands.
When you feel like you have enough colour tie it off and begin wrapping the next colour.
You can do as many colours as you’d like. Trim all the access. We also did another set of wrapping near the keyring at the top of the hanger.

Have questions? Let us know in the comments below. As always if you do give this a try we’d love to see your masterpiece! Share with us via Instagram with the hashtag #justDIYit.

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