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Ghostly Garland DIY


All You Need:

White tissue paper
String or twine
Egg carton

All You Do:

Cut your tissue paper into squares (it doesn’t have to be perfect).
Cut the individual egg holders from the egg carton (this will be your ghost’s face).
Place your egg holder in the middle of the paper square and wrap it around.
Tie a small piece of string or twine around the “neck” of your ghost.
Take your sharpie and draw a face. I just drew eyes but you can draw a whole face.
Get creative – they don’t all have to be the same. Give them some character.
Lastly, lace a long piece of string or twine through the neck strings of your ghosts and add a small piece of tape to secure their placement.
Hang your new ghostly garland on a wall, mantle, or in a doorway for an adorably spooky decoration.


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