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Stepfanie A.


Stepfanie A.

As a kid, Stepfanie originally wanted to become a doctor. As years passed by, she changed her mind plenty of times and wanted to become a writer, a photographer, an actress, a homemaker, a journalist, a publicist, and other occupations. Still today, she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to be but she knows what she likes to do, hoarding hobbies such as photography, writing, crafts, reading, trying new thrilling activities, and traveling. Life is her greatest teacher, from obvious to unclear lessons, she searches for growth. Style-wise, Stepfanie is simple and casual, but likes to dress up every now and then.

Traveling. Contemporary art. Outdoors. Funny people. Taking naps. Beer, wine, and craft cocktails. Scuba diving. Watching films on rainy days. Reading about self-development, sustainability, and inspirational people.

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