Since there are less than a couple of weeks left to get all of our Christmas shopping done, we’ve been thinking a lot about wastefulness. It is estimated that one million tons of additional waste is generated during the holidays in the state of California alone. Among this exorbitant amount of waste, lay piles and piles of gift wrap, ribbons, and bows that we use to prettify our gift giving to the ones we love.

wrapping-paper-last Turns out, all those sparkly, festive, decorative additions are not recyclable. Since we love a prettily wrapped gift as much as the next gal, we decided to try something this season that might lessen our carbon footprint during one of the most indulgent and wasteful times of the year. We started with this wrapping paper DIY that’s so easy, you will want to make your own wrapping paper for your gift giving year round.
wrapping-paper-supplies All You Need ||

Gold Sharpies
Roll of craft paper (3M and Scotch are both 100% post consumer content and can be recycled)
Wrapping Paper DIY 1. Cut out as much paper as you will need to wrap your gift.
2. Think of something personal you’d like to write, like “I Love You” or “Happy Holidays.” We went with BFF.
3. In your best cursive writing, repeat your phrase again and again, until it covers your entire piece of wrapping paper.

Then wrap up your gift (and don’t forget some fun washi tape to add a little color).
Wrapping Paper DIY
Wrapping Paper DIY
Wrapping Paper DIY
How are you lessening your carbon footprint this holiday season? Share with us in the comments below or get at us via @Stylustmag on Twitter or @stylustmagazine on Instagram. OR if you haven’t really thought about it until now and want to take action, it’s never too late. Check out some tips via CalRecycle.

Happy Holidays!