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You probably have heard of a style uniform but if you’re like us you likely don’t give much thought to your bedtime uniform. Whether it’s the same pair of plaid pants from college, your man’s old t-shirts, or whatever was on sale last season at Target, the consensus is that most of us just want to have something – anything – to put on so that we can get our beauty rest. Setting out to change the way we think about what we wear to catch some Z’s is Heather Lutz and Teresa Lake with their brand new line of luxury lounge wear, Paper Label. paper-label-1 The two met while both working for local retailer, Plenty, and they were inspired by their own lives as busy working mothers. “We used our own demanding lifestyles as the template for this collection. We needed lovely lounge wear when we traveled for work or vacations, when we did a few extra work emails late at night, or just spending time with family in the evening,” says Heather. Just months into their entrepreneurial journey the two were approached by none other than Hudson’s Bay Company, a dream come true for any small business in their first few years, and is now available exclusively at HBC’s top thirty stores across Canada. And for our readers to the south, don’t fret. Paper Label ships to the US via their online shop. We had the chance to chat with Heather about what inspires and moves the brand, advice for all you #Girlbosses out there, and how she invests in some serious “me time” to reset and diffuse each week.
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Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today! Let’s start off with a little more about Paper Label…

HL: To me, Paper Label is a beautiful experience for women, as well as a stylish answer to sleep wear. It is an experience because the fabric is just so amazing. The hand feel is baby soft and the fits are flattering and relaxed. I never liked or invested in any real sleep wear before because I could never find any that suited my style. It was all so silly, sleepy, or overly pretty with obnoxious prints or some cutesy graphic across your chest. And as a grown women, that’s just not okay. The best part is that sleeping in Paper Label is wonderful. It breathes and moves with your body and those of us who previously thought old boxers and last summer’s T-shirts were just fine for sleeping in will be shocked at the difference this fabric makes. It really does improve sleep quality as well as look great. I think it is hard to design and develop a line that is actually as functional as it is stylish and we have done that. I think that makes Paper Label just that much more special. Also hearing from a customer with terrible skin allergies/sensitivities that she can finally get a lovely nights sleep because of our pieces, makes us incredibly happy.
Paper Label was designed for women who do not want to compromise their modern style for comfort and at a decent price point. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe because I am willing to bet they don’t own anything as comfortable that looks this good on!


A career in the fashion industry can be exhausting at times. What is your favourite way to diffuse and reset after a busy week?

HL: I think the whole team looks forward to getting into Paper Label at the end of a long day. We all have our fave wine or a good Rooibos tea. I think the Paper Label pieces let you really unwind helping you shed the skinny jeans and really get comfortable without feeling shleppy. We all aspire to get more massages and find more down time but at the end of the day it is spending time with your family, making a nice dinner with your partner and being in the moment.

What is it about lounge wear that inspires you the most?

HL: This is a great question! I find it beyond inspiring because it is such an underdeveloped area of our wardrobes. We all love shoes, cashmere and great jeans, but honestly lounge wear/sleep wear that you wear every night and every morning probably doesn’t have the same love as the rest of your wardrobe. And that is what Paper label does, it brings style to an area of your wardrobe and makes you put away those gross old boxers and team building/university/college T-shirts! That is very exciting to us.


Do you have a mentor or someone who is the driving force behind your inspiration?

HL: I am inspired by my partner Teresa Lake and the other women that we work with. I am in awe of their hard work and ability to rise to the challenge, multitask, be flexible and caring and get more projects/emails done in 2 hours than most people do in a work day. Natalie Massenet (founder of Net A Porter) has always, always been an inspiration to me. She convinced the world that women would buy luxury goods online, and she was right…She was a real game changer for online sales and how women were viewed as online shoppers. I love that kind of determination and perseverance. We want to convince women that they deserve beautiful lounge and sleepwear. Endlessly inspiring!

Lastly, what advice do you have for your fellow #Girlboss gals out there?

HL: I used to work in an office atmosphere where mean-girling was fostered and promoted and everyone was pitted against each other and not a day went by where someone wasn’t in tears. It was so stressful. We all have to choose to rise above it. Don’t throw your co-workers under the bus! We are all in this together. No one is better even if her shoes cost more than your rent! We really try to share each other’s weaknesses and celebrate each other’s strengths. I think the Paper Label team is a bit different as we are all Mom’s as well as doing this amazing line. Children are very grounding. One minute I’m at a photo shoot and the next I’m at home wiping bums.

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Photographer: Jennilee Margiomen. Models: Elliat Albrecht and Lynita White.

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