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Designer Profile: Loper&Haas

Any sartorially inept person knows the importance of investing in good quality pieces. Actually doing it is a whole other story but thankfully finding them – handmade by talented people in your own city, no less – is becoming commonplace. The best part about buying from local designers is although the pieces are simple or would qualify as a basic they possess a certain something that sets them apart from their big box counterparts. And sometimes we find one that makes us so excited we just want to preach their awesomeness to the world wide web. Good thing we have this blog, eh? When we happened upon Loper&Haas, a Vancouver-based line of handcrafted leather goods, we just had to get the full story. The holiday collection has just recently launched, along with a brand new website, and features an array of gorgeous pieces ranging from $15-$350 that are great for the guy or gal in your life that has a great appreciation for quality handmade pieces.


STYLUST (S): Thank you so much for chatting with us, Levi! Please tell us a little more about Loper&Haas.
LEVI (L): Loper&Haas is a line of handcrafted leather goods. Every piece is designed and made entirely by me in my Vancouver apartment studio. The focus is on the quality of the materials and construction. Timeless pieces that will last.

S: Quality is definitely evident! Where did your passion for leather working stem from?
L: I grew up on a ranch in Southern Alberta, so I was surrounded by beautiful saddles and bridles for the horses. The quality and workmanship in those pieces is astounding and really inspiring.


S: How long have you been working with leather?
L: I did a lot of sewing in high school and started working with leather after I graduated from UVic in 2011- Loper&Haas was created that fall. It started out as women’s bags and clutches, then in 2013 I started focusing a bit more on men’s wallets. This year (2014) I introduced the hand-stitched envelope clutches, which have been very popular.

S: You design awesome little accessories and also a small collection of limited edition larger bags. Can we look forward to more of a selection of larger handbags in future seasons?
L: Definitely! I’d love to do a bag that combines parts of both the large tote and the messenger, and a second style of medium shoulder bag. I’ve also had a few requests for a weekender type bag, so watch for that next year too!

S: What advice can you offer aspiring designers and creators?
L: Stick with it! It’s a ton of hard work, and you have to be prepared to put in twice the amount of time you think you’ll need. Most importantly, surround yourself with people who are supportive. Sometimes you need a cheerleader to push you that last little bit.


S: Definitely. Speaking of cheer, what’s in your Loper&Haas this holiday season?
L: My go to piece lately has been a large envelope. I always carry a mini Kunye body butter, lip balm, 2 Loper&Haas snap wallets (one for cards, one for cash), keys with an L&H keychain, my iPhone, and a million bobby pins because you just never know.

S: Since the holidays are basically upon us, let us in on your favourite Christmas tradition.
L: Christmas morning begins with Bailey’s and coffee while we open presents, then mimosas with a huge brunch spread that my mom makes. We always get up early and go Boxing Day shopping with my dad. I think my favorite part about Christmas is the family time. I live in Vancouver and they’re all still in Alberta, so its great to just relax and spend time together.

Remember, the last day to guarantee delivery by Christmas is December 15! Free shipping in North America until then!

All images via Instagram.

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