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How to Have the Best Bath of Your Life

Best Bath of Your Life

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Growing up, baths were to me what tea is for the English; always appropriate and the perfect cure for just about anything. From an upset stomach, a break up, or just a bad day – a good long soak can do wonders for any ail. Though it doesn’t necessarily float everyone’s boat, it has long been the perfect way for me to unwind, disconnect, and spend some good old-fashioned time with me, myself, and I. I thought I would share with you how you too can have the best bath of your life. Enjoy!

Gather Your Materials

You want to make sure to have anything you may possibly need available within arm’s reach. Candles, bath oil/bombs, reading material, facial masks, a drink (wine is usually my preference or a huge glass of ice water), towels, and of course music to get you in the zone of relaxation. When you draw your bath make it as warm as you can possibly handle and pour your bath oils in while it runs.

Set the Mood

I have a relatively small tub so for me ambiance is doubly important. I love candles and usually have a few naturally scented soy ones on the go at once. I light 2-3 while the tub fills and place them around my bathroom. I turn out the lights and put on a very calming playlist (usually indie acoustics or women in jazz playlists on Spotify).


Put on a yummy homemade facial mask, sit back and just be. Even if only for five minutes. Try drawing your bath right before you go to bed – it’s one of the best ways to ensure you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Even better – use an aromatherapy soak to help aid in getting a better night’s sleep.

Get Down to Business

This is the best time to … exfoliate and shave your legs. The longer you soak the more your follicles open up making it easier to get a super close shave sans irritation. If you are wearing a mask – rinse off before you start to shave. Finish off with a quick, cool rinse in the shower and moisturize with your favourite body butter or lotion (I am LOVING coconut oil as a body lotion. Just make sure to use an unrefined – preferably organic – version).

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