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Four Ways to Recycle Your Clothes

It’s hard to believe that we are about to hit the one month countdown to summer. In just a few short weeks we will be prematurely unpacking our summer clothes from storage and reevaluating what will remain in our closets for the season. But before we get carried away lets talk about your exit strategy. What do you do with clothes you no longer need? We’ve rounded up a few ways that you can purge your clothes without adding to your carbon footprint. And that is always in style.  Recycle Your Clothes

Consign It

Why not make a little cash on your preloved pieces? Shopping second-hand has had a recent surge of popularity and with options like Mine and Yours, Buffalo Exchange, and Turnabout how can a girl go wrong? While Turnabout offers a more traditional consignment buying experience, shops like Mine and Yours (Vancouver) and Buffalo Exchange (LA) offer straight up cash up front for your on-trend previously loved must haves. In exchange, look for something new to bring home or keep your cash for a rainy day.

Use Your Sell Phone

This is a relatively new concept but using Apps like Poshmark, TrendTrunk, or Tradesy to rid your closet of unwanted items is on the rise. It’s like having your own personal little store front minus the fees and restrictions often associated with owning a shop. Poshmarks’ easy to use interface allows you to simply take or upload a good quality photo, write your product description, and set your price. There are a lot of mixed reviews and concerns regarding scams but as long as you follow the site rules and use common sense the buying/selling experience is safe and most importantly fun.

Hand Me Down

Hand me downs always get a bad rap – but we think sharing is caring. It’s common best friend policy to always ask before you trash/giveaway any of your clothes. Better yet, invite all your gal pals over for a clothing swap soiree at the end of each season. Sip something fancy, get some yummy snacks, and swap your preloved pieces for some new treasures,

One Man’s Trash

The average American throws away sixty-five pounds of clothing EACH year. That accounts for six percent of all municipal waste. Do your part and look into what you should throw out and what you can selvage or upcycle. Almost all textiles can be recycled or reused for something new, even things that are badly stained or unwearable. Check out this list of textiles that can be either recycled or reused.

What do you do with your preloved pieces? Share with us in the comments below. 

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