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How to Host a Gorgeous Dinner Party Without a Dining Room

We have a lot of family gatherings. I mean, like, on a weekly basis. It can be a spur of the moment take out and a movie or a planned out months ahead birthday party/celebration but I’d say we all have dinner together at least once a week. It’s kind of awesome. Though most of our shared meals are a little more casual, once in a while the occasion calls for something a little extravagant, and while we don’t have a full functioning dining room I’ve learned a few things that meld the casual vibe of eating at the coffee table with the elegant details of a full on dining experience. So whether it’s just you and your man, a few of your best girlfriends, or even the whole family here are some simple details that really go a long way in making your dinner party a little more special.

Flowers || The best way to give a space some life is to literally give it some life. A few sprigs of green or a bunch of flowers is an affordable and effective way to pretty up your tabletop. I also like to buy a little extra to put around the house (like in the bathroom) to keep the airiness cohesive throughout the apartment.


Seating || This is always a big issue, particularly when we have everyone over (around 10 of us).  I love the Lack tables from Ikea because we can use one to two for smaller gatherings and just add on a few more tables if the guest list calls for it. I also like to have throw pillows for those seated on the floor, and some extra stools and chairs just in case.



Lighting || I am a big lover of candles. For their scents and for the ambiance, they seem to add warmth to any room. And I say the more the better (within reason – we don’t want any fire hazards). A variety of sizes and heights gives depth and weight to what could ere on the side of too simple. Also, make sure you pick unscented candles so as not to interfere with your delicious food. dinner-party-6

Simple Style || Less is always more, especially in this case. I’m not really an over the top type when it comes to my home and having a blank canvas that allows for a pop of unexpected colour is usually my game. I like to keep the colour palette very light in shades of taupe, beige, and of course, white. It allows for less distraction and that way I can really add any colour or style of flower that I want.

Finishing Touches || I have been obsessed with calligraphy lately so when I saw versions of these name tags circulating Pinterest, I just knew I had to try my hand at it. I’ve even discovered a way to do fancy hand lettering with just a regular pen. It is far more impressive than it is labour intensive.


All of the items I have used are from either Ikea, Target, or Dollar Tree (some are even thrifted) and this whole set up took me under an hour. That just goes to show that you don’t need a whole lot to create an impressive display no matter how small a space you are working with.

I’d love to see or hear about your tips and tricks as well. Be sure to use #stylustathome via Instagram or Twitter when you share your tablescape.

By day she is a content coordinator in the healthcare industry and by night she's writing for this here blog. And right now she's talking about herself in the third person. Because she's cool like that. Oh, also she loves coffee. And cats.

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