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Growing a Community: Sotela

Building and Growing a Community: Sotela

Problem Statement

When I first started working with Sotela, we wanted to put a lot more effort into building the Everyday Woman Community which included a blog, weekly newsletter, and social media. As a one-woman start-up, founder Hanna Baror was limited on time so our major goal was to build a community with that hurdle in mind.

“By creating quality content that brings inherent value to our readers and customers, the brand will mold naturally into something that our ideal potential customer will be drawn to. We will not only be selling the dresses we make, but the lifestyle that the women who wear them emulate.”


Starting small, I created a content calendar for the upcoming six weeks filled with topics and content that catered to a niche audience: women in between 24-50 who had expendable income and who cared deeply about where their clothing was made, how it fit, and how it made them feel. I simultaneously created a social media calendar that mimicked the content calendar in order to promote all the content that we were spending a bulk of our time creating. I planned a photo/video shoot where we created bulk visual content that highlighted the dresses and how to wear them. These photos and videos were used on our social feeds as well as the blog. My main concern was to set up a schedule that worked now and well into the future – one that Hanna would be able to continue with without me.


The best place to start at the time was to create a consistent editorial calendar so that the community we wanted to build would keep coming back for content they enjoyed. I wanted to create content that brought our community together not only by inspiring them to love themselves but to discuss issues that were synonymous with the female experience. The goal was to create this content that started a dialogue while selling the ethos of the Sotela brand. Some of this content featured products but most of it was purely editorial.


  • Create visual content in bulk to save time and ensure brand consistency
  • Plan written content in advance and schedule in the content calendar
  • Use Buffer to schedule social posts in advance to free up time to engage with our audience in real time


In the end, I was able to create a comprehensive editorial calendar that included every single post, tweet, story and snap that we plan on putting out into the world. This schedule allowed Sotela to create content in advance and really hone in on their message. The founder was incredibly pleased with the end results stating, “You’ve been absolutely amazing.”