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3 Things That Will Change Your Daily Before-Bed Routine

I like to think of Daylight Savings as the universe giving us a full reset before the craziness of the holiday season ensues.  I woke up on Sunday morning feeling rested and ready for anything the week was going to throw my way. Come Monday morning, I was feeling anything but optimistic and energized. All week I’ve felt just a little bit… off. It’s entirely possible that I’m just a little box of anxiety but for now I’m placing all blame on the time change. After all, statistically speaking there is proof that the twice-yearly time change, can lead to increased deadly accidents #JonHRyan.

I digress. I know you don’t come to this blog to read my cheesy TV references. This week I’m sharing my favorite bedtime routine products that really and truly help me feel more calm and well-rested.


Shea Butter Moisturizer by SW Basics

I’ve been an S Dubber since I first read the book Skin Cleanse a couple years back. I bought this in the travel size back in the summertime but felt it was a little too heavy for me (that LA humidity keeps the skin plenty sweaty moisturized). Now that the weather has chilled to a cool 67 degrees, my skin is craving this stuff daily. Every night after I wash my face, I use just a small amount all over my face and I wake up looking as refreshed as I feel.


Slumber Serum by URB Apothecary

An aromatherapy sleep aid with a cool metal applicator that you just roll on (kind of like a roll on perfume bottle). When I’m “winding down” for the night, as we like to call it in our house, I apply it on my temples, neck, chest, and wrists (basically any pulse point). The applicator is really calming plus you’ll smell like a walking cuppa chamomile tea.



1Hour Break Kava Spray

This. Stuff. Rocks. As I’ve mentioned, I’m generally anxious all the time. So when I find something that isn’t a giant glass of Merlot or a bubble bath in a room full of fluffy kittens and still legitimately works, I get excited. It’s a little hokey if you’re not totally into the whole alternative medicine or supplement lifestyle but it works. Basically, you just spray it under your tongue, wait 10 seconds, then swallow and you are in an instant state of zen. I only use it on nights when I’m extra stressed out though you can use it as much as you want. You know, when wine and kittens aren’t a viable option.

How do you chill before bed? Got any tips?

By day she is a content coordinator in the healthcare industry and by night she's writing for this here blog. And right now she's talking about herself in the third person. Because she's cool like that. Oh, also she loves coffee. And cats.

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